Give Your Customers A Data Back Up Option
They’ll Thank You One Day!


Download a working demo of BackFlash
Version 4.

 Clarion C7http://sterlingdata.comC8 and C9/9.1/C10 compatible

In computer magazine reviews top marks are always given when an application developer includes the ability for users to back up their data. You might be thinking “But users already have MS Backup, Norton Utilities etc.”. And this is true they have. But many computer users do not have confidence in their ability to use such products – have they chosen the right files/directory?  Is there some setting they have overlooked? etc.

BackFlash gets round all these problems by providing your users with a one button backup facility. You have already predefined which files are to be backed up (by means of an easy to use template) and your user just clicks on the button. Another major benefit of using BackFlash is that your customers will really appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to think of their data security – too many applications give the impression that they don’t care if you have backed up or not. “That’s YOUR problem!” seems to be the attitude behind their design.

BackFlash is designed to be used as a stand alone EXE. This has the advantage that if disaster does strike a user will still be able to do a restore even if they can’t run your main App due to corrupted file(s).

  Look at this Feature List!

  • BackFlash is supplied as a Clarion .APP with all source code (apart from the compression section) so you can change screen layouts fonts etc. to fit in with your applications look and feel. Compatible with Clarion versions C7, C8,C9 and C10
  • Security Option: you can use an ID string to make sure no other BackFlash user can restore from your backups..
  • Compression is excellent and uses the high performance 32 bit ZLIB DLL – this is royalty free and can be distributed by you as part of your BackFlash EXE without restriction.
  • Each set of backup disks will be given a unique serial number to ensure that only disks from the same set are used on restore and also that the most recent backup is being used.
  • Any drive and path can be specified for backup – so large capacity drives such as ZIP drives could be used or drives somewhere else on the network.
  • During compression an animated hourglass is displayed to show the progress together with bytes processed in total for the diskette and also for the file.
  • Unattended Backup facility
  • User can decide where files are restored to – useful when restoring to a different PC
  • The user can also specify which files are restored (this option can be disabled by the developer if needs be)
  • All details of backups are stored in a log file
  • Last backup date/time kept in an INI file for use by other applications
  • Optional “Backup Completed” message and sound file.
  • Multi-language : Croatian,Dutch,Danish,French,Norwegian,Portuguese & Spanish (other languages are being added)

BackFlash 4.6 costs only $195 and there are no runtime royalties. Purchase with Confidence – all products are covered by our 60-day return policy. All prices are based on a Single Developer License

Download a working demo of BackFlash


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Comments from Clarion Developers using BackFlash

“Our Customers have no problems now! This used to be our weak spot now we don’t have a worry.” – Ray Rippey

“It really is easy too easy to believe. Thank you Mike a product well done very well done indeed.” – Steve Parker

“I got BackFlash a couple of months ago and am VERY happy with it.  I just want to pass on a thank you not only from me but also from my users.  They have grown to expect ALL the bases to be covered and using BackFlash has allowed me to comply with those expectations very professionally yet easily and with little effort on my part.   Your efforts are appreciated.  Keep up the good work it makes my life easier.” – Guy Bernardhttp:

“I’ve already given the thumbs up on BackFlash to another programmer and told them you answer questions fast!  I give you an A++ on this! Thanks again!” Rich Garber

“Just wanted to tip my hat to you for a great job! I’m up and running in BackFlash. My customers will love it!!!! Thanks for a great program!”Mike Waterman

“BackFlash is really great! It was easy to implement and works well. Thanks for your help and for a great product!” Mark Kowith

“Your program is top dog”Burt Gonce

“Thanks. Great product.”Jim Roberts

“Use the product as an add-on to all of my current applications. Makes security of the data very easy and simple. Tell my clients that 1 minute to backup the data saves them from doing a whole days work over again. Very elegant and simple solution to data protection.”Donald J.Arshem

“I would thank you very much for help. That’s what I call good support!”Trond Erik Poulsen

“BackFlash has worked great in our 2003 programs and I look forward to using it in C5”Brian Mayer

“I just wanted to say thank you for creating BackFlash. It has made both my customers and myself feel more confident about installing Beta Software.”Marcia Davis



Major benefits of using BackFlash

  1. PRODUCTIVITY: Complete module ready to slot in with no coding on your part.
  2. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customers will appreciate your having thought of their data backup needs
  3. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: BackFlash is very user-friendly – no confusing menu options or supefluous toolbar options; just backup/restore/exit
  4. PERFORMANCE: Excellent compression
  5. EASY CUSTOMIZATION: add your files by easy-to-use templates. If you want to you can quickly change screen design fonts icons etc. in the AppGen

Questions and Answers

Can I change BackFlash easily to fit in with my main app’s look-and-feel?

Yes – BackFlash is supplied as a CW .APP so all the power of the AppGen is available to you. There are no DLLs or VBXs – all source code (except the compression section) is supplied. So you can change all screen prompts and other texts. This is particularly handy if your customers main language is not English.

Can BackFlash be used as an archiver?

Yes – on every backup your customer will be able to specify an (optional) path as well as drive. So a typical system might be to use the date as a directory. For example if an archive to the server was being made on January 1st the destination would be entered as “F:\ 010197”. A better solution for this need might be LogFlash which offers full undelete and tracking of user activity.

Are there any royalties or extra payments to be made?

No – the one off purchase price allows you to use the product in as many of your .apps as you like. From time to time there will be upgrades to BackFlash with extra features for which there will be a small upgrade charge.

Can an end-user tell from the disk contents which backup set it comes from?

Yes – each disk in a backup set will have one file on it. These are numbered 1.BKP for disk one 2.BKP for disk two etc. Each .BKP file also stores which set number the disk belongs to. The set number is automatically incremented every time the user does a backup. If they try and use a disk from a different set they will be warned accordingly. There is a “Disk Info” button on the Restore Dialog which allows the user to check exactly what is on each disk.

How long has BackFlash been available?

BackFlash version 1.0 was first released in March 1996 – we are now on version 4.7 (2016)


LogFlash – Audit Trail Logging & Rollback of Changes

Activity Logging & Audit Trail Templates – version 2.6

Clarion C6http://sterlingdata.comC7 C8 & C9 compatible


Give your users an unlimited “undo” facility & Audit Trail

The ultimate in peace-of-mind and security


      LogFlash is very easy to use – the main template is an Extension which is attached to any update form and logs changes on a field basis. So if only one field is changed only one field’s contents (old and new) are stored. Other templates handle rollback undelete log file purge etc.
  • Also logged are inserts and deletes.
  • Memo changes (up to 64K) are stored in a separate file – to keep the log file size  under control.
  • When a record is deleted there is the option to store the whole record (and related  child files) in an archive file.
  • This allows records to be “undeleted”
  • Changes to individual fields can be rolled back.The scope of the rollback can be  either a) Just the highlighted set of changes or b) all changes going back to a certain  date. Rolling back in reverse order means that a record can be reinstated to a defined  date. Also rollback can be restricted to a named User ID.
  • All key information is stored in the log file : date/time of change User ID of  person changing computer name (32 bit only) Filename Fieldname Old Value New Value  Procedure used Unique Record ID Primary Field (for quick identification of the main  record) and 4 user fields where you can record any other info you think is relevant to  this log file entry.
  • Supports any file format that Clarion does – including  SQL.  Also the log file format can be changed from TPS to anything  you want.
  • Multi-language support – Danish French German Spanish and Portuguese
  • Edit In Place logging for Clarion 6 and upwards (ABC)
  • Compatible with Legacy and ABC templates

All source code supplied.  No black boxes. No runtime royalties.

Clarion C6http://sterlingdata.comC7http://sterlingdata.comc8 and C9 compatible

All this for just $195!

Purchase with Confidence – all products are covered by our 60-day  return policy

All prices are based on a Single Developer License


“Just installed and I’m using this product.  Works GREAT.  Many thanks.” –  Bob Garcia Facilities  Management Information Systems University of California Santa Barbara

“LogFlash is a beauty of a product.  Installs easy.  Runs  great.  Deliberately built with flexibility so you can modify things to accommodate unique needs.”
Tim Phillips VT Dept Of Environmental Conservation Waterbury VT
(from a newsgroup msg)

“I have implemented LogFlash (very easily) in an application  where general users can add edit and delete records …  seems to  work nicely without a clash with several other 3rdPty tools including
Query Wizard Spread Wizard CrossTab Wizard CPCS NetTalk SecWin  Prodomus Date Tools Thread Limiter ABCFree HandyTools and  more…” –
Sam Brown datwright Vale City VA

“I just want to thank you for an excellent product –  I received the passwords yesterday when I got home and one hour later I  was up and running with Logflash installed in the program.  It  works perfect so on the next meeting in the Norwegian user group I  will recommend it to all.” – Bjørn Behrentz AC Consult Tonsberg Norway


 Try it for yourself! Download a demo of LogFlash (644K)


Place an  order  for LogFlash using ClarionShop.


IMPEX – User Controlled Import/Export Of Data

 IMPEX Template


Clarion C7,C8,C9 and C10 compatible

Empower your users with a Data Exchange facility!

Make sure all your apps have a user-friendly zero-support data import and export option.  This type of facility is a major checklist feature for software buyers.

IMPEX gives you easy user-controlled “drag-and-drop” import and export of data using templates which automatically read file format information (such as Field Names Field Types etc) from the Data Dictionary (export) or from the file header (import). Even the file structures are constructed automatically. The demo will import any dBase or ASCII file so you can test it on your own data files.



  • 1. Delimited (comma,tab,pipe,semicolon)ASCII,Flat ASCII and Dbase 3/4 supported
  • 2. One-click importing – where all parameters are setup in advance by the developer
  • 3. Update (replace) an existing record – as part of the de-dupe routines
  • 4. Wizard type steps makes importing interface more up-to-date
  • 5. dBASE key/index files are not used, just the .DBF and .DBT data files – so avoiding problems with non-standard formats.
  • 6. File information such as field names, types,sizes is read straight from the DBF header record and displayed in a browse so the format of incoming files does not need to be known in advance (ie at compile time).
  • 7. The user can then match up fields by a Map by Name button (for similar labels) and then drag and drop. These Map Structures can be saved for future use.
  • 8. Duplicate checking can be enabled by both the developer and the end-user with the option of adding replacing or skipping duplicates and saving them to a text file for later viewing/printing.
  • 9. At runtime the user can “override” incoming text for a particular field with their own choice of text (or date).
  • 10. For testing purposes a set number of records can be imported.
  • 11. End user can set delimiter for ASCII import (defaults to comma)
  • 12. Unattended and batch imports – using command line parameters
  • 13. Records are added to your existing data file and if there is an Auto Number key the autonumber field will be incremented automatically.
  • 14. Checks can be made by means of an EMBED point just before a record is added. For example you could check if a required field is blank.
  • 15. For ASCII files there is the option to skip the header record (useful if this record contains just field names) and allow double quote marks.



  1. • Export to HTML,Delimited(comma,tab,pipe,semicolon)ASCII,Flat ASCII and Dbase 3/4
  2. • The developer can set Field Order for any export format and with Flat ASCII can also override the dictionary field length
  3. • HTML options: end user control over page and table attributes (font,color,width,cellspacing etc.) inclusion of user header/footer HTML (for example standard navigation bars) so the look and feel of their website can be maintained table fields can be given a URL link data can be output to one page or multiple pages. In the latter case Next/Previous links and page numbers are placed on each page generated.
  4. • The user can define which fields are included in the export file. So for example the user could exclude confidential data fields from being exported. These selections can be saved for future use.
  5. • For ASCII files there are options for header record double quotes and date format. Date fields are automatically detected by the templates.
  6. • Full integration with Sterling Data’s SearchFlash templates (but these are not needed in order to use IMPEX they are just extra options)
  7. • Exclude fields from export – by both developer and end user
  8. • Create a new field on export – such as FirstName + MiddleName + LastName
  9. • IMPEX links up with other 3rd party query packages by means of an EMBED which allows testing against a Query or Tagfile produced by one of these packages.

Comments from Clarion Developers using IMPEX

“I have just completed a project where I am exporting CSV files and I have got to say I am delighted with Impex fantastic product !!! – Simon Newell Shackerly Group,Euxton  UK

“Great job with Impex import/export templates. This must be one of the easiest templates I ever implemented. Good instructions and straightforward. You give one of the most responsive and thorough support services available today. Quite a refreshing experience to work with Sterling Data” Normand J.Charette, Positive Changes

“I think your products that I have are outstanding. Keep up the great work”Faron Dunn, Diamond Software Systems, Griffin

“Over the years I have found your templates to be one of 3 indespensibles in my development bag…”Tom Durso Crescent Systems

“Got the New Impex 4.0 installed and it works great. I tackled a 34 MB  Flat ascii file and imported it into a .TPS file with no problems”.  Gary Stanley CCP, Rocky Face GA

“I like the product. It works cleanly and simply. Other than one problem that was mine it works as advertised. On import I liked the drag and drop implementation that allowed me to say what inputting field should be associated with what field in my data file. Good job Mike!”Clarion Online (Feb 1998)

“Your interface is one of the best I’ve seen. I think end users will really appreciate it.” Larry Andrew EPES Software, Cedar Hills UT 

IMPEX costs only $195 and there are no runtime royalties. Clarion C7,C8,C9 and C10 compatible

Purchase with Confidence – all products are covered by our 60-day return policy All prices are based on a Single Developer License

 Download a demo of IMPEX (807K)


Place an order for IMPEX (and upgrades) using ClarionShop

Major benefits of using IMPEX

  1. PRODUCTIVITY: Complete module ready to slot in with no coding on your part. 
  2. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customers will appreciate not being “locked in” to your application.
  3. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: IMPEX is very user-friendly – no confusing menu options – onscreen instructions in 3 easy steps.
  4. PERFORMANCE: High speed batch operations possible using STREAM/FLUSH
  5. EASY CUSTOMIZATION: All source code is supplied so you can customize the look and feel to fit in with your apps.

Questions and Answers

Can I import into/export from more than one file?

Yes- IMPEX procedures are in template form and unlimited instances of them can be added.

Are there any royalties or extra payments to be made?

No – the one off purchase price allows you to use the product in as many of your .apps as you like. From time to time there will be upgrades to IMPEX with extra features for which there will be a small upgrade charge.

Can I change IMPEX easily to fit in with my main app’s look-and-feel?

Yes – all source code is supplied. No DLLs or “black boxes”

How long has IMPEX been available?  

IMPEX 1.0 was first released in April 1996 – we are now on version 5.5 (2016)