Activity Logging & Audit Trail Templates – version 2.6

Clarion C7,C8,C9 & C10 compatible


Give your users an unlimited “undo” facility & Audit Trail

The ultimate in peace-of-mind and security

    LogFlash is very easy to use – the main template is an Extension which is attached to any update form and logs changes on a field basis. So if only one field is changed only one field’s contents (old and new) are stored. Other templates handle rollback,undelete,log file purge etc.


  • Also logged are inserts and deletes.
  • Memo changes (up to 64K) are stored in a separate file – to keep the log file size  under control.
  • When a record is deleted there is the option to store the whole record (and related  child files) in an archive file.
  • This allows records to be “undeleted”
  • Changes to individual fields can be rolled back.The scope of the rollback can be  either a) Just the highlighted set of changes or b) all changes going back to a certain  date. Rolling back in reverse order means that a record can be reinstated to a defined  date. Also, rollback can be restricted to a named User ID.
  • All key information is stored in the log file : date/time of change, User ID of  person changing, computer name (32 bit only), Filename, Fieldname, Old Value, New Value,  Procedure used, Unique Record ID, Primary Field (for quick identification of the main  record) and 4 user fields where you can record any other info you think is relevant to  this log file entry.
  • Supports any file format that Clarion does – including  SQL.  Also, the log file format can be changed from TPS to anything  you want.
  • Multi-language support – Danish, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Edit In Place logging for Clarion 6 and upwards (ABC)
  • Compatible with Legacy and ABC templates

All source code supplied.  No black boxes. No runtime royalties.

Clarion C7,c8,C9 & C10 compatible

All this for just $195!

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Customer Comments

“LogFlash is a beauty of a product.  Installs easy.  Runs  great.  Deliberately built with flexibility so you can modify things to accommodate unique needs.”
Tim Phillips, VT Dept Of Environmental Conservation, Waterbury, VT
(from a newsgroup msg)

“I have implemented LogFlash (very easily) in an application  where general users can add, edit and delete records …  seems to  work nicely without a clash with several other 3rdPty tools including,
Query Wizard, Spread Wizard, CrossTab Wizard, CPCS, NetTalk, SecWin,  Prodomus Date Tools, Thread Limiter, ABCFree, HandyTools, and  more…” –
Sam Brown, datwright, Vale City VA

“I just want to thank you for an excellent product –  I received the passwords yesterday when I got home and one hour later I  was up and running with Logflash installed in the program.  It  works perfect, so on the next meeting in the Norwegian user group I  will recommend it to all.” – Bjørn Behrentz, AC Consult, Tonsberg, Norway

“Just installed and I’m using this product.  Works GREAT.  Many thanks.” –  Bob Garcia, Facilities  Management Information Systems, University of California, Santa Barbara

 Try it for yourself! Download a demo of LogFlash (644K)


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VCRFlash Clarion template

For “Browseless Forms”
Version 3.0
For Clarion 7,8,9 & 10

Turns your Forms into “Browses”
No need to have Toolbar Controls enabled or VCR control on browse

How many times have users complained about having to go back to a browse to get to the next record! Now you have a low cost solution!

No need to waste space on your toolbar with navigation buttons!

Use your toolbar for what users really like – intuitive shortcuts

1. Very easy to use – just drop the buttons on to a form and fill in a few template prompts
2. The form will “browse” according to the range and/or filter set up on the calling browse. So if the browse is ranged to only show Los Angeles customers then the VCR controls will only show these too.
3. Insert Button – add records as you browse
4. Search Button – quick text search of all fields to make it easy to jump to another record. Location of a match can be shown on title bar or a window control. Fields can be excluded from searching.
5. Compatible with SearchFlash
6. Compatible with ClarioNET (VCR scrolling but not Inserts or auto-saving)
7. Optional saving of a record whenever a VCR button is pressed – so users can edit records as they scroll through. Or a prompt can be shown – “Record has changed. Do you want to save changes?”
8. One form can be called from many browses (in many separate threads) and VCRFlash will keep track of all of this.
9. Its more intuitive for users to look for navigation buttons on the form they are looking at – not the toolbar. As used in ACT! and other top selling software
10. VCR buttons on the calling browse are not needed
11. Multi-language support
12. Two different default button sizes – but you can use your own icons if you want.
13. Legacy and ABC versions
14. VCRFlash is compatible with Clarion versions C7 to C10 – when being called from a browse a VCRFlash Form needs a standard Clarion browse and will not work with Xplore or similar non-keyed browses.
15. Works with all Clarion supported drivers except SQL.  All source code supplied. No black boxes. No runtime royalties.

All this for just $149

Purchase with Confidence – all products on this website are covered by our 60-day, full refund, no quibble return policy.
All prices are based on a Single Developer License


I got VCRFlash yesterday, installed it and it works just great. My users already have commented how much nicer it is to be able to move forward and backward without having to go back to the browse. Thanks for developing a great product

John E. Singer, CIS, Inc. UT

Keep up the great work and contributions to the Clarion (and now ClarioNet) developer base. Your tools are the finest and your support is fantastic!

Mark Overton, Softclaim.com, Inc.,Peoria AZ

Try it for yourself! Download a demo of VCRFlash (655K)

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